Club Coffee Purchases M2M Manufacturing Execution System, MERLIN, to Boost Operations Productivity

M2M Daily – April 19, 2014 – Club Coffee, a North American food industry leader, has purchased $106,000 of Memex Automation Inc.’s flagship product MERLIN. Club Coffee’s customer list includes some of the largest and most respected names and brands in the retail and food service sectors. Memex Automation (TSX VENTURE: OEE) is a global leader of manufacturing Machine-to-Machine (M2M) productivity solutions.

MERLIN, a manufacturing execution system (MES) that monitors industrial machines in real time, enables the Club Coffee team to understand the root causes of under-utilized machines and how to convert wasted time into productive time on the plant floor. The MES delivers Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics in real-time, enabling all MERLIN-enabled manufacturers to increase rates of production and increase income from plant operations.

With only an estimated 2-3% of all manufacturing plants being monitored today, the average initial equipment utilization is around 32%. It is not unusual for MERLIN to increase equipment utilization a further 20-50% with a return on investment (ROI) time period of three to six months.

“This should signal to food processors and the sector that MERLIN can increase the efficiency of their operations by monitoring their machines in real-time and increasing overall profitability,” said David McPhail, CEO Memex Automation.

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On April 15, 2014, PEM awarded Memex Automation the 2013 Plant Engineering & Maintenance Award for Best Company Under 50 Employees.

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