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C-Level Executives Sustain Manufacturing by Reducing Labor Costs

When manufacturers benchmark by real-time accurate measurement, the current level of productivity using OEE as the metric, provides an accurate picture of the true efficiency of manufacturing operation(s).

Memex Automation Takes International Leadership Productivity Position

Memex memory upgrades are in high demand and in some cases for certain machines Memex is the only supplier worldwide. The Memex connectivity tools bring machines onto the corporate network are highly useful, and coupled with our machine monitoring capabilities offering exceptional increases in productivity to make customers more efficient in manufacturing.

Memex Automation Takes OEE Worldwide

As published on the site PC Center, copy of original article.

Memex Automation Talks OEE Benefits

According to John Rattray, a senior executive with Memex Automation recently discussed Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) as a key performance indicator: “OEE Indicates whether a machine is running at optimum capacity and producing quality output and OEE measurements can help companies avoid downtime and reduce lost production…it can be applied to work cells, lines, areas, or plants.”

Memex Receives Praise from Wentworth Mould and Die

According to John Rattray, a senior executive with Memex Automation, “Success with Memex Products and Services uniquely increases efficiency to monitor and control machine tools. We are delighted to share immediate visibility of production status and comprehensive data collection to Wentworth Mould and Die which realize a competitive advantage.

Memex Receives Praise from Héroux-Devtek

Sébastien Caron, Plant Manager with Héroux-Devtek raved about Memex noting, “Our biggest differentiator is productivity. “We had passive OEE and now we have active OEE (overall equipment effectiveness.) The key to better productivity is not just to track performance, but to act on problems in real-time. We now have a tool to communicate to the people on the shop floor that our performance can improve. Customers can see and believe in what we’re doing to improve on time delivery. The OEE data provided improves human as well as machine-to-machine communications. We believe we can use Memex data to motivate employees with a shared understanding of how we can be more productive, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Memex Mission Is To Save Manufacturing By Increasing Efficiency Typically 5 – 20%

According to John Rattray, a senior executive with Memex Automation, “Our mission is to save manufacturing by increasing efficiency usually five to twenty per cent. By using our patent pending technology, we can uniquely increase efficiency to monitor and control your machine tools. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectives) can monitor ANY MACHINE in real-time; reporting on cycle time, parts produced, reject analysis, labor tracking and more, all to reduce downtime and improve efficiency for any and all machines.”

North American Manufacturers Fight Back

Aerospace Manufacturer Héroux-Devtek Takes Advantage of Memex Automation OEE+DNC System to Fly Productivity Higher Kitchener, ON – North American manufacturers are fighting back. Two Canadian-based companies are teaming up at a meeting of the Canadian Tooling & Machining Association today to demonstrate a manufacturing automation system that unites islands of unconnected information and typically leads […]

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NSERC CANRIMT Advanced Research Project

Memex is working with a consortium of universities in advanced research on monitoring and controlling machining processes for manufacturing automation.  NSERC has announced this project for CANRIMT (Canadian Network for Research and Innovation in Machining Technology), see the web site. This project is focused on modeling, analysis, monitoring and control of machining processes for manufacturing […]

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Memex Working with Consortium of Universities on Dynamic Computer Aided Machining (DCAM) Project

Memex announces that it has been awarded a significant grant to work on a state of the industry dynamic computer aided machining (DCAM) project in a consortium with leading universities, aerospace companies and industry partners. This is a five year grant from NSERC and will have Memex’s Ax9150 hardware board as a key component in […]