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Machine Monitoring for Productivity Improvement

The Canadian Tooling & Machining Association hosted a tour of Rice Tool & Manufacturing which is a highly regarded manufacturing facility with specialties in high volume, quality production machining and assembly; manufacturing of special and custom tooling and dedicated equipment; design and development of prototypes; short run precision-machined components. Over the past 35 years, Rice Tool has developed a number of strategic partnerships with Tier 1 manufacturers allowing them to become an integral part of their supply chain. Rice Tool uses machines that are unique in Canada as well as 8-axis special production machines with unique differentiator as being an early adopter of manufacturing processes for higher efficiency. Memex will demonstrate their Ax9150 UMI controls that have been installed on Rice Tools’ machines, performing integrated OEE+DNC.

Following the tour and dinner, the CEO of Memex Automation Inc., gave a talk on “MACHINE MONITORING FOR PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT”
Automate your automation using Ethernet connectivity to “InterNetwork” all your machines on the factory floor. Using a Universal Machine Interface, computerized networking for machine monitoring and control can provide manufacturers with relevant OEE metrics and production information in real-time, boosting efficiency by up to 20 percent with minimal capital investment and thereby enabling lean manufacturing techniques.