Memex Automation to Release the MTConnect Agent Configuration Tool (MTCACT) in Open Source

Burlington, ON, Canada – April 28, 2015 – Astrix Networks Inc. (“Astrix”), operating as Memex Automation (“Memex”) (TSX-V: OEE), the global leader of manufacturing M2M productivity software and world-wide leader in MTConnect, the open and royalty free interconnectivity standard for manufacturing, has released the world’s first MTConnect Agent Configuration Tool – MTCACT – in open source – that is easy to use and is extensible.

For the first time in history, there is now a software tool that addresses one of the most complicated and time consuming aspects of MTConnect – creating, configuring and validating the multiple files needed for a successful MTConnect deployment. Memex invested significant development resources in creating this game changing tool for the MTConnect and manufacturing community and is giving it away in open source for the world to use and to enhance. The MTConnect agent is the key piece of MTConnect software that acts as a universal translator between a piece of manufacturing equipment, such as a machine tool or a sensor, and the applications that turn MTConnect data into meaningful information.

Memex Chief Technology Officer, Dave Edstrom, stated, “Memex Automation has addressed an absolutely huge need in the world of MTConnect. The challenge with any standard that connects a wide variety of devices are the behind the scenes tools that makes life much easier for those who to create and deploy a given standard. MTCACT stands for MTConnect Agent Configuration Tool and has been a tool that we have relied upon to make the lives of our employees and partners exponentially easier by taking time and complexity out of deploying MTConnect. This has been a goal of mine going back to 2006 when Dr. David Patterson and I created the MTConnect vision.”

Memex President and Chief Executive Officer, David McPhail, stated, “We have been huge supporters of MTConnect and are recognized globally as the thought leaders in both MTConnect and connecting the shop floor to the top floor. By releasing MTCACT to the world, we continue to give back to help drive not only MTConnect, but plant productivity around the globe. We decided to release MTCACT at [MC]2 2015 because this is the premier MTConnect Conference.

MCTACT – MTConnect Agent Configuration Tool:

MTConnect is a registered trademark of AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology. For more information on MTCACT and where to get the source code and executable software, please go to:

About Memex Automation:

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