Memory Upgrade

Improve machine performance. MEMEX offers CNC Memory upgrades for a wide range of controller makes and models

MEMEX - Memory Upgrades
  • Faster than drip feeding – proven cycle time reductions by as much as 47%
  • Additional memory to store recurring part programs right at the machine means no time wasted with file transfers
  • Less downloading means less chance for file corruption
  • Innovative and exclusive features for the Fanuc 6/9/11 and 12
  • 3-year replacement warranty


Frequently Asked Question

1. How do Memex prices compare to OEM’s?

  • Our prices are often up to 75% off OEM’s prices.
  • Our CNC upgrades do not require a bank loan.

2. Why should I avoid breaking up programs – at all cost?

  • Extra programming time.
  • Extra setup times.
  • Extra downtime between sub-programs
  • Extra time for file transfers.
  • Extra time worrying about then fixing blends.

3. Why is CNC memory more superior to Drip Feeding?

  • Memory is faster than Drip Feeding
    • Proven cycle time reductions by as much as 47%.
    • Increase your feedrates without worrying about Data Starvation, Chattering or Dwell Marks.
  • Let’s you Get on with what Makes you Money – Cutting Metal
    • Having additional memory to store recurring part programs right at the machine means no time wasted fussing with file transfers.
    • Less downloading means less chance for file corruption.
  • Avoids Cutting Air
    • During work stoppages such as tool breaks, simply back up a few blocks of code rather than running the program again from the beginning – with all the modals still active.
  • Gives you Superior Editing
    • Immediately search, view and edit programs upon loading.

4. Is there any difference in quality between Memex Memory Upgrades and OEM’s ?

  • Our memory upgrades have gone toe to toe with OEM products for over 18 years. In fact, in some important ways they are even better.
  • Innovative and exclusive features such as Parameter Sentry System and quick load feature on our MME upgrades for Fanuc 6/9/11 and 12.
  • We take advantage of the latest components and have faster access time than the OEM’s upgrades.
  • We back up our quality with a three year warranty.

5. How Simple are Memex Memory Upgrades to Install?

Our memory upgrades have been designed to be easily installed by your own in-house personnel.

  • Shipped with a detailed step by step manual that can be previewed on our website.
  • Telephone tech support to get you back up and running right away.
  • If your prefer, our upgrades can be installed by one of our approved CNC service technicians, over 250 globally.