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MEMEX - AX760 MTC Board

The MERLIN AX760-MTC is a fully configurable MTConnect hardware adapter that enables your machine tool to communicate critical operational information using the MTConnect standard protocol.  Part of the MEMEX smart manufacturing tool-kit, this adapter allows you to easily “MTConnect” every machine tool on your shop floor to output machine state data, alarm conditions and controller modes and more, in real-time.

Features & Benefits


  • Native connectivity to any I/O link equipped Fanuc controllers including late model 16 /18 controls and all i-series models.
  • Simple Phoenix style quick disconnect connectors
  • MTConnect compliant V1.2. Field upgradeable to newer releases
  • Plug into Fanuc I/O link bus and passively detect data on both the X (operator inputs) and Y (lights) addresses from 0.0 to 127.7 as well as 16 additional digital inputs
  • Supports part counting through predefined part count address spaces
  • Applet to configure monitor the Fanuc I/O link PMC address space to MTConnect tags
  • Comprehensive “Expression Builder” enables you to combine inputs and create expressions to derive critical outputs to drive your efficiency clients.
  • MTConnect allows for Feedrate and Spindle Override to be represented as a multi-step percentage value from the Machine Operator Panel
  • 16 digital inputs, optically isolated—8 groups of 2 (DI:3-30VDC, 1A), quick disconnect
  • Power Source—12-24VDC
  • 15KV Surge protection
  • Self-resetting fuses
  • Non-volatile memory protects set up in the event of an extended power loss
  • Easy magnetic mount (screw-less) anywhere in the metal cabinet
  • Native connectivity to MERLIN Tempus and Tempus EE


  • Works with any CNC machine
  • Reduce installation costs
  • Real-time feedback
  • Passive listening, non-intrusive installation
  • Saves hours of time in installing and finding signals per machine
  • Easy to install on any machine
  • No messy wires, cabling or soldering—a compact functional unit
  • Preliminary step to any OEE system— Machine Monitoring



  • 12-24VDC Power Supply from machine
  • Feature rich applet for configuration and management


  • 100 Base-T Ethernet port for connection to plant Ethernet network

MTConnect hardware adapter:

  • Universal Configuration Software Utility and hardware
  • Attaches to any device or machine
  • Accepts 16 digital inputs, 3-30 VDC in 8 groups of 2 from legacy controls. All inputs are fully optically isolated
  • Accepts data from Fanuc I/O Link
  • Visual LED indication of input ON/OFF state
  • Integral Ethernet (wired or wireless)
  • Agent-to-Adapter communications monitoring ports via serial RS232 and/or other Ethernet channel
  • Supports version 1.2 of the MTConnect standard (can be easily upgraded to future revisions)

MTConnect connection dependent device:

  • Connection Unit is essentially like a “Universal TV Remote” – it is a configurable Adapter, capable of connecting to any manufacturing asset/device, such as a machine tool.
  • Compliant with the MTConnect standards and the “Getting Started with MTConnect Connectivity Guide”

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